The story of eight wonderful cats

My name is Bacha. I am the prettiest cat on our road. You must agree. I like being outside and I like climbing trees. Especially I like to climbe the tree in the picture because it is right in front of our house. From there I can see whatever Mum or Dad does. And If they leave the house I always try to follow them. They have this unfortunate habit of disappearing and staying away for weeks. And I don’t like that. You can read more about me in Mums book: The Eight Cats of my Life. It’s a wonderful book and you can buy it on Amazon.

Can you imagine me a cat having to learn English?

I’ll tell you why I had to. Because Mum has translated her book about us cats into English. Well done I say. I’ve read it. It’s good. It’s quite fun reading in some places. Some of the cats have been really bad and have done disgusting things. Like that fellow now dead and burried who caught a magpie. And the one who made it his speciality to catch yarn. Lal the little devil is definately not better than any of them. I know that Mum is fed up with him always bringing woodpigeons and blackbirds into the house. She hates it, when he kills them underneath the couch leaving a lot of mess. Anyway Mum loves me and I’ve never done that kind of things. I prefer to care for Mum and to look after her. I also try to make sure, that she doesn’t go too far away, because I’ve heard that twolegged Mums don’t see and smell well. I’m quite simply afraid that she can’t find her way back home. But to make sure that she doesn’t go out of my sight is a huge job. I have to be over her all the time and still sometimes she manages to disappear. Even sometimes both her and Dad disappears. Then I have to be alone with that little rascal Lal, sometimes for days or weeks on end. And that’s tough. He is so bigheaded and thinks so much of himself just because he’s a pedigree cat and I'm not. And of course he won the competition pulling the chickenbone, so I ended up on the back of the book.

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29.05 | 17:06

Mine burmesere har heller aldrig haft problemer med at åbne kattelemmen selvom den var låst indefra! De andre har aldrig lært det😊!
Da jeg lejede mig ind på en vens bondegård med bl.a høns var der en tydelig forskel på mine to burmesere og de to Maine Co